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Ottawa, Canada


Twitter - @cherrysuede

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Between Here and There (2013)

Long Live Rock (2006 - reissue 2009 + bonus)

Cellar sessions vol 1 (2013) EP

Cellar Sessions vol 2 (2014) EP

Available on itunes, Amazon & Spotify

Randy Young (Cherry Suede) - Wakefield 2013 - J Bumby/Bandzmedia

Take a healthy dose of Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams and Keith Urban and mix with a touch of The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and The Beatles and what you end up with is an uncompromising blend of pop/rock that is uniquely Cherry Suede.

Cliched as it may seem, Cherry Suede have managed to take the essence of the last 5 decades of popular rock music and reworked it in a way that creates a sound that is distinctly Cherry Suede, but reminiscent of the very best that popular music has to offer. With catchy hook lines and guitar riffs that draw on the very best classic ‘feel-good’ rock, Randy Scott (lead vocals/guitar) and Randy Young (lead guitar/vocals) have a proven talent not only as truly great musicians, but also as exceptional song writers, akin to the likes of Lennon & McCartney

Having played across Canada at some high profile events, and festivals, and opening for the likes of Rick Springfield, Cherry Suede continue to tour and are currently planning dates in Canada and the USA, as well as a fifth tour of the UK, planned for late 2014, following on from a very successful UK tour in May/June.

Between Here and There (March 2013)

The subtitle for this album would definitely be 'Musical Roots & Influences'. From the 'Joisey' tones in 'Saturday Night' to the mellow, country vibe in 'Worth The Wait', and the 60's/Beatles influence that leaps out of 'Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere' and 'So Lonely','Between Here & There' really is a testament to the varied musical genres and influences that have come together and been interpreted and incorporated in such a way as to create a style and sound that is uniquely Cherry Suede. These are evidently exceptional musicians and songwriters, who have honed their craft to perfection.

This album is an easy to listen to, exceptionally well written, carefully crafted selection of rock, pop and country influenced music that would comfortably fit into any music collection or playlist.

Between Here and There is available on itunes, Amazon & Spotify, along with the previous album release - Long Live Rock, and two EP’s (Cellar Sessions, vol 1 & 2)

Cherry Suede are currently touring - click here for info